About the Brand

Native War Paints was started in March of 2014 by Amanda Pigeon-Scribner. Growing up, Amanda always had a passion for make up and nail polish and was never afraid to wear bold and vibrant colors. As a teenager, Amanda dreamed of owning her own cosmetics company and she would mix her own nail polish colors to create something new, not knowing that one day she would be living her dream.


Tired of drugstore brand nail polish, Amanda searched the internet for something different, hoping there was someone out there making unique nail polish. She of course stumbled upon Etsy and the world of indie nail polish. She battled others for the must have polishes during restocks and cried when she was cart jacked but eventually amassed a huge collection of indie polish. One day she decided that owning that cosmetics company she dreamed of as a child was something she needed to make happen. She purchased her supplies and began experimenting. 


When it came time to name her company, Amanda knew she wanted to represent her Native American heritage. She decided on Native War Paints as a tribute to something her father would tell her. Amanda's dad wasn't always pleased with the make up she would sometimes wear when she was a teen. Amanda has always preferred a bold look but her dad would have rather see his teenage daughter wear natural colors, he would sometimes tell her to "Go wash off that War Paint" when he didn't approve of what she was wearing.


The first collection that was released consisted of glitter bombs and some jellies. Eventually, Amanda realized her true passion was for shimmer polish and that is what Native War Paints is known for today. Native War Paints also has two separate lines of nail polish available. NWP Classic Essential is a line of softer, more work appropriate colors and NWP Special Effects is a line of special effects toppers that can transform any polish into sometime new. All three lines are available on the website. 


Amanda is always working on something new and amazing so please check back often and follow Native War Paints on Facebook and Instagram.