Tips and Tricks

Glitter polish is usually thicker than regular polish because it requires a thicker base to support the glitter. Its best to shake the bottle before you begin application. Some polishes with large glitters may require you to place them upside down for a few minutes to bring the glitter back to the top of the bottle. Sometimes its best to apply glitter polishes using a 'dab and spread' method. Let each layer dry before applying the next layer to avoid disturbing the previous layer of glitter.


Thick top coats work best to smooth out glitter. I usually apply two coats of top coat with super glittery polishes.








You will need:


cotton balls or cotton squares


aluminum foil




1)  Soak the cotton balls or squares in the acetone and place them over each fingernail.


2)  Take a small piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the cotton ball on your fingertip.


3)  Wait 2-5 minutes.


4)  Remove cotton and foil.


5)  Remove any lingering glitter with a clean cotton ball/square and acetone.